Edge of the Abyss

A survival RTS made for the Ludum Dare 38 Game Jam.


To select units, click and drag over them. Right click on a location to order selected units to move there. Left click to deselect units. Use the buttons on the left side of the screen to produce buildings and units. Building units requires resources, listed in the top right corner. The bottom right corner has the game timer. It stops when your last building is destroyed so you know how long you survived.

Player Units:

Cultist: Light ranged unit. A cheap source of firepower, but dies quickly if exposed to enemy fire.

Seraph: Fast assault unit. Good burst damage and the best movement speed in the game, but has a 4 second cooldown. Use for hit and run attacks and surgical strikes.

Lantern: Artillery. Longest range of anything in the game, but slow and fragile.

God Eye: Super unit. Fast, durable, and powerful.

Player Buildings (Note: all buildings give 1 resource per second and can attack.)

Generator: Cheapest building. Use if you need more money.

Tower: Best building for defense.

Office: Required to build Cultists.

Temple: Required to build Seraphim.

Forge: Required to build Lanterns.

Altar: Required to build God Eyes.


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