Iter Bellum Deus


In the surprisingly colorful future of whatever millennium, the player is a god aiding a space-faring civilization, the Blue Team. They are, as is the case with everyone else, at war with several other space-faring civilizations, sending fleets of ships along hyperspace lanes. While they are often outnumbered, the well-connected Blue Team will win and conquer if your aid is up to the task.

Coded in Starling using FlashDevelop. Graphics are from Inkscape and put into a TexturePacker Atlas. Music made with lmms and sound with BFXR.

Mouse + Hotkeys 1-4

There are in-game tips, but here are some key points:
You win if you control all planets, and lose if you control none, regardless of ships on the field.
Bigger planets produce more ships and are harder to conquer.
Your powers are as follows, though you will usually not have access to all of them:
(1) Wrath: Destroys all ships and weakens planets in an area. Destroyed planets go neutral.
(2) Boon: Give a planet a boost for 15 seconds, doubling power generation. A boosted planet will remain boosted if it changes control, but a plague will cancel the boost immediately.
(3) Plague: Give a planet a plague for 15 seconds, reducing power generation to 40%. A plague planet will remain boosted if it changes control, but a boost will cancel the plague immediately.
(4) Crusade: Give a group of ships you control a permanent boost, doubling their power and increasing their speed.

Originally made for Ludum Dare 30. You can view the submission page here.