Maze of Titans


This game was made for Ludum Dare 31 "Entire Game on One Screen." It is a pseudo-roguelike in which the player uses 3 powerful abilities to battle 7 enemy types in a highly destructible environment. You can view the original submission page here. Staring at the tiny squares might make your eyes hurt, so play at your own risk.

You are the Blue Square.
Your goal is to kill the Giga-Titan. (The 4x4 red square.)
To do this, you need to charge the Ultra Cannon by collecting shards dropped by killing each of the 10 titans. (The 2x2 red squares.)
Titans regenerate health, so before you fight one you'll need to collect powerups to increase your burst damage.
The game is turn-based - when you move, all enemies move.


Arrow Keys - Move
S - Skip turn.
Space - Blast (Destroy enemies and walls in adjacent squares. Deal 3 hits to a titan for each square hit.)
QWEADZXC - Lazor (Fire a laser in a direction, hitting and destroying the first wall hit and hitting all enemies in the path. Direction is determined by which key you use.)
V - Charge (Only works with a full Ultra meter. Causes your next Lazor shot to be ultra-powerful.)

Avoid or kill minions (1x1 red squares.)
Bright red minions can move 2 spaces per turn.
Orange minions move 3.
Some minions look like walls.
Minions rarely drop health pickups - brighter minions have a better chance of dropping a pickup.

Green pickups are health, pink pickups increase maximum blast charge, yellow pickups increase maximum lazor charge, and cyan pickups heal and charge ultra.

You start near the top left corner. If you still can't find yourself, try using the blast to clear your area.
Don't even try shooting at titans unless you have at least 4 of a pickup.
If a titan steps on you, use blast to deal massive damage.
Titans destroy walls when they step on them.
Don't go near the ultra-titan unless you're ready to fight it or you'll be running away for quite a while.

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