The Beginning

At twilight's end the shadow's crossed. A new world birthed, the elder lost. Yet on the morn, we wake to find that mem'ry left so far behind. To deafened ears we ask, unseen, "which is life, and which the dream?" -Aaron Diaz

Tonight, I partake in one of the many blessings of life. One long denied, and far longer inconceivable. The result of a moment of administrative clarity setting off an inexorable chain of events. Time gallops along, leads me to this moment. Specifically, the moment where I write five sentences about the fre Wi-Fi at SeaTac airport.

My name is Adam. I will spare you the self-descriptive adjectives and buzzwords for now, and let it suffice to say that I am a student. Also, I'm leaving for a year of foreign exchange through AFS. I will be in Hungary three days from now. I'll give you one guess what I'll be writing about for the next year or so.

For those reading near the time of posting, note that this website is still under construction. For those reading in the far future, note that I went live with the website before it was finished, and judge me as you will.

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