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* seth removed the FPS counter and ran the program to see how much speed that would save
* seth is an idiot
-Ludum Dare IRC


Budapest, Day 120

The last nine days have been all kinds of interesting. The train ride there was relatively uneventful, the mechanics of trying to buy tickets in bulk not being especially entertaining (the relevant AFS staff, at the time of this writing, still owe me money.) After the train ride, we were distributed throughout a number of host homes. I returned to my old temporary family / host grandparents. Well, actually, only the father, as Rita was in Bangkok visiting one of her past exchange students. About an hour after I arrived, my other housemate turned up. His identity was revealed to be Gabór, a Thai boy I played frisbee with back at the gathering in August, and who's name I only remember by my own inability to pronounce it. It being late at night and the city center being a ways away, our meeting with the rest of the group was delayed until the next day.

The gathering began with a typical display of competence. The US students decided to meet in the town square, and meet me did - it only took us over half an hour to get everyone in the same place. Surprisingly, it took far less time to assemble everyone for the actual AFS party. Somehow, AFS managed to get enough food in one place that even an entire country's worth of exchange students could not consume it all. This excess of food was matched by the student performances, which went on for hours. Most people did not watch them in their entirety. You may view the Budapest chapter performance here. Things heated up again near the end, as the lights went out and the dancing began, a spectacle only marred by the DJ's apparent aversion to every song I like. The evening technically closed with some pub-hopping, but I decided that the time was better spent trying to fix the phone that lacked, and still lacks, the ability to actually call someone to pick me up. Also, drinking isn't the most compelling of spectator sports.


The following weekend, also known as the one preceeding the time of writing, I was in attendance for an event of an entirely different character the Ludum Dare game jam. The objective is deceptively simple - make a new video game in 48 hours. My experience served me well here, as I had already succeeded in the task on three occasions. Now I count four. The community judging is still underway, and I remain unsure of the merits of the game I made. Thus far, reviews have been mixed. I mean, "the game was easy to pick up and play" and "I couldn't figure out the controls" are showing up on the same page of comments. I may write a more detailed reflection on the process later, but for now, here are some highlights from my devlog:


Dec 12 - 8:07PM: Naming all my button graphics "plaque_______" was a terrible idea.

Dec 13 - 2:21PM: Main track is named "Bleeding Ears." I'm so funny.

Dec 13 - 3:32PM: Trying to get a real bossfight into this thing.
Dec 13 - 3:39PM: WHY WON'T THIS THING DIE? (I need to add a health bar.)
Dec 13 - 3:54PM: Turns out it wouldn't die because a bug was giving it 100x as much hp as it was supposed to have.
Dec 13 - 4:10PM: Boss killed me with boredom.
Dec 13 - 4:37PM: The boss is cool now. I wish all my players good freaking luck though, because it's still insane.
Dec 13 - 4:52PM: For the first time, I actually killed the boss.

Dec 13 - 9:59PM: Facepalm moment of the LD: wrote pause function that displayed pause screen, but did not actually pause game.
Dec 13 - 10:03PM: Made every keypress pause the game. I'm evidently too tired to code.


You can try the game out for yourself here.

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