I'm Not Punk Enough For This

My completely accurate depiction of Icarus, done during Art class.

 It's lit!

-Chris Wilson

Budapest, Day 170

154 Days until departure.

It's been an eventful month-and-a-half. As the Christmas season came to a close, the Budapest New Years' celebrations entered full swing. Though Budapest lacks an organized central fireworks display, there was no shortage of color in the sky as varied groups haphazardly sent their explosive purchases skyward. The streets swarmed with drunk people in masks and flashing sunglasses. It was a night for sobriety to be a curse. On the bright side, it only took us two hours of walking and one incorrect bus to find a club. More luckily, Chris somehow failed to attract any undue attention despite spending a solid hour yelling about how he wanted a fight and swearing at passerbys in three languages. The club itself sits as a loud rainbow pile of blurred sketchiness in my memory, and so I am forced to conclude the story by simply confirming that everyone in my group made it home safely.

Furthermore, I am happy to report that I have transitioned to writing "2016" on things without incident. Also, though Christmas was mostly just cold, snow eventually did come to Budapest - on more than one occasion. I celebrated by nearly freezing my hands off more than once, and by taking photos like this:

 It was on such a snowy day that I began my decidedly non-illustrious skate icing career. I would be happy to report that I only fell down twice, but that is mostly the result of the efforts of three other people helping me maintain my tenuous grip on balance. Eventually, after three different sets of instructions culminating in the advice of the friendly local competitive ice-skater (Chiara from Italy), I was able to achieve basic competence at icing skates. Perhaps I would have progressed more quickly had I not fundamentally misjudged the motion involved, but the point is moot.

I'm definitely wasn't using anyone for balance in this picture. Nope, that is not a thing I did.

As per usual, the titular event is the final one in the actual article. Last Wednesday, I was at a concert from the UK pop-punk bands Trash Boat and ROAM. Having barely listened to the artists in question beforehand, I wasn't sure what to expect. My absence of expectation was soon superceeded by the reality of the sound. Though the music was outside of what I ordinarily listen to, I found the sound design to be exceptional. It came as a surprise when the band called me out for exceptional dancing, as I hold my limb hurricane technique in no such high regard. Well, it is exceptional in that most sober people don't dance like that, but I think everyone who didnt know me assumed I was drunk. In reference to the title I am forced to note that I did not observe a single mohawk or spike jacket, and the shirt I bought carries neither. Though I certainly got my money's worth, my greatest praise for the night is that I did not regret it the next morning.

With the halfway point of my journey having come and gone, I must savor nights like that. For all I have accomplished this year, my Hungarian language skills and social life are falling behind my original objectives. I have a few big plans for the next few months and beyond, such as the card game I've been prototyping on school time, but it remains that I have quite a bit of work to do this year.

In the absence of a concrete plan, I can't really leave a cryptic teaser here like I want to, but here's an experiment I did about a month ago:

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