Day 200

What do you mean it's not January?

Budapest, 200-dik Nap

124 Days Until Departure

While, as you may have inferred from my lack of an Instagram account, I do not regard myself as a student of the art of photography, I have apparently seen fit to fill an entire post with unedited barely-culled shots from my iPod camera. Those with faith in me will note that there must be a purpose to such an endeavour, and they will be correct. My stated purpose here is that thus far, this blog has focused on the big events and neglected the regular sights of living in Budapest. My other stated purpose is one I don't think I'm supposed to actually state officially, which is that I haven't updated in a month and need content. So, without further blather:

Szabadság Híd (Liberty Bridge)

The Budapest Great Market, shopping center for hungry people and tourists alike, and home to no shortage of curiosities.

Erzsébet Híd (Elisabeth Bridge)

Not all of Budapest is glamorous. This photo was taken in the building we use for AFS chapter meetings.

I really don't see how these are American. At all. They're good, if somewhat strange because the strongly-flavoured bits are scattered within the creme filling. I'm just not seeing the branding. The white's there, but the red and blue are conspicously absent. Then again, considering how excited some Hungarians I met the other day were when they found out I had real US dollars with me, perhaps I'm overthinking this.

I don't think I can really add to this.

In the background is Nyugati Pályaudvar (West Train Station)

Oh, and here's that cryptic teaser image I wanted to have a month ago.


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